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5 Creative Ideas For Party Tent Uses

Posted by Jessica Lyles on

Party tents can be used for more than parties for birthdays, receptions, anniversaries and so on. In this blog post I will cover 5 creative ways to use a party tent that could help your business creating the perfect eye catching shade for your customers, clients, or items.

1 Produce Stand

You can protect your produce and customers from harsh sunlight by using a tent with or without sides. For smaller stands I recommend a 10' x 20' party tent . For larger stands or you may want room for customers to walk around, you could even go as big as a 20' x 40' heavy duty tent.

2 Yard Sales & Flea Markets

Do a lot of flea markets and yard sales? Party tents are the perfect shade while people can check out your items you have for sale. Not to mention, keep you cool as well. The 10' x 30' Party Tent is perfect in size for yard sales and flea markets and can hold up to 50 people.

3 Tent Sale

Nothing brings customers like a sale. A tent sale in the parking lot draws attention to your items for sale. Also draws in customers driving by if you are in a location that has traffic flowing by. For this I would recommend a Heavy Duty Tent.

4 Auctions

All size party tents can be used for outdoor auctions depending on how small or big your auction may be. If your doing to need tables or room for people, take that into account when purchasing a tent for your auction.

5 Fundraisers

A party tent can be used for an outdoor fundraiser for a school, church, or organization wanting to raise money or bring awareness to a cause. All size tents can be used for fundraisers as well depending on how much space is needed.

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  • Thanks for the information.I love Party tents.

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